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Default will try the silicone - where to spray?

Thank you for the advice.
I placed an order in amazon for "Pyroil Silicone Lubricant Spray". It is advertised as:
-Excellent on doors door hinges, rubber gaskets and weather stripping exercise equipment
-Lubricates and waterproofs
Where should I spray: on the gasket, on the centerboard blade, on the cassette walls?
There is something else that is puzzling me about the centerboard. The installation guide and a small brochure that came with the board say that the centerboard can be installed without tools and without removing the cassette. It seems to me the pictures show a different cassette that what came with the board. Installing/uninstalling the centerboard on my 2012 board requires removing several bolts and the cassette. Another user in the startboard forum noticed the same discrepancy. I wonder if there is a more advanced version of the centerboard cassette in existence.
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