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Default I sonic three board quiver

Guys, the registration seems to have been blocked today so I decided to bring up my question into this forum which does not require registration. I would appreciate your comments if you have any experience with the below mentioned boards.

I sail in Alacati and race mostly in National races and sometimes join PWA and IFCA. I weigh 82kg but can handle 9.5 and 127 with no problem (happily) with winds up to 15 knots. Considering the flat water and not too strong winds in Alacati 8 to 30 knots during the summer time but between 8-25 knots 90% of the time,

In 2012 I had 127 117 and 107 which was giving me good choice in medium and light conditions but was little risky in high winds. This year After all what I have read about Isonic 110, I thought that I can eliminate the former 117 and replace it with I sonic 110 and skip 107. This would spare me a board that would close the gap for higher winds 20 to 30 knots.

All in all my thinking is to have a 127 and 9.5 at light wind.

When the wind is mainly at 14 to 20 knots range I would use my 110 with either 8.6 or 7.8

If the wind picks up to 20 knots or more then I would take a 97 with 7.8 or 7.0 or 6.2. (although 6.2 will be used probably only few times per season).

Do you think that this is a wise selection of boards. Would there be too much gap between 127 and 110?

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