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it seems you have posted many of my similar doubts!
I'm a bit lighter than you but I'm used to sail in a powerfull mode (FW background) so 127/9,5 is one of my favourite combo.Problem comes when it's not totally flat and when it's more than 15 kts.As Sean120 posted elsewhere it's not a straight line issue but the efficience in gybes while in the pack.For light guys it's much more difficult to be "slick" with the 85 than the 80,5.
As where I live we have many chance to race in 9,5 wind I've decided to hold on with the 127 but bought the new 117 as the 8,6 is another important size for our spots.I wonder if I will be able to skip the 127 but,according with the test session of today I really doubt...
As well as,so far,I think the 117 will hardly suit the 9,2 for such light air and comp...
Hope to figurate out very soon ALSO the high end of the 117.Sometime I think the 110 would have been a better choice (to replace my trusty 107) but,as far I know,it seems to be targeted to heavy guys for 8,6/7,8.According with PWA isonic insider the 107 will be better in choppy/7,8. Once more it's not a straight line issue but a gybe problem for relatively light guys.
So,according with that,I've decided to give the 107 a new chance but,as soon as I can properly test the 117,I'll see if switch down to 97 or not.

Now,please,would you give me some more info about Alacati in july?
It seems Slalom JYM 2013 will be there and Ifca rule is 4/2....
Is the 9,5/127 a much used combo? What's the common summer condition and the most used combo?
Any detail will be welcome.

Thank you
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