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Alacati is pretty flat with little chops until the wind exceeds 20 knots. Therefore, I believe that according to Remi IS 110 will have an advantage over 107. I suspect that it is psychological for most of us to "trust" a board. We have been conditioned to think that narrow means fast. But it seems that the wet area below 110 is less than 107 and therefore Remi claims 110 to be faster than 107. Sometimes when a new product is launched the comments are a bit more complimentary than usual but I trust the Starboard guys that they tell us what they really believe.

Regarding 127, yes it is very common in Alacatı. But about half of the 127 users use it with 9.5 other half with 8.6 so it is a bit of preference of the individual user. I would personally never risk to go below 85 cm wide for my lightest wind board.

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