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Default Kombat Aero 127

ex VERY HAPPY AERO 117 owner
weight ~ 80 Kg
favourite sail 6.8
stock fin free ride
straps out but not all the way back

traded A117 in for KA127
- both boards supposedly have the same width (although the writing on my board states 72 cm width)
- due to sb policies you never know if 117 is 117 or 127 or something else so I can't say if the A117 has the same volume as the KA127
- I had two sessions:
1) flat water with wind and 6.2 sail (planing was somewhere between sticky and superglue) but I had attributed that to the sail (hardly ever use that one)
2) waves (- 1.5 meter a bit further out but still mushy and random chop) used my favourite sail (6.8), planing was no problem, b oard did like getting a bit of air

What shall I say, I downright hate that board.
Both sessions: gybing no fun and the board was spinning out quite a bit. It felt too large and slow (GPS said the same).

So for my conditions and my specs there is no current replacement for the A117. I will have to see if I can still get my hands on a new last years model.

It will be interessting to hear what others have to say.
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