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I'm between 72-75 kg. surf mainly on shore and I'd call myself a intermediate windsurfer.
The question I'd like to ask here on the forum is this one.

Last year I bought a second hand Fanatic Ray 145 LTD for the light wind conditions we mostly have here in Belgium and the Netherlands so I spent most of my surfing on lakes.
The problem is that the ray although planning very fast, I'd say 7-10 knots / 3BF is getting big very fast for me when we have gusts or when the wind picks up.
I sail this board with a 9m Maui Sails Titan, my biggest sail.
No I was wondering whether an Ultrasonic would give me more control and planning ability in light wind situations than the RAy or would an Isonic 127 better be suited for me.
The ray is 81cm wide and I sail it with the 50cm provided fin and a stiffer 52 cm fin

My other board is a 111 Futura (2010) that I sail with a 5.2 Arrows , 6.7 vapor and 7.6 vapor.
fins futura standard 42 cm and a 44cm / 36cm MFC fin

I'd like too hear especially from US owners (rdsurf) with my weight and how the board behaves when the wind picks up let's say 4 Bf. I just want to go blasting over the water as quick as possible .. the girlfriend is learning how to windsurf so we often go in light wind conditions and I want to have some fun at that time to.

thanks I appreciate some feedback .. it's quite hard to make the right decision .. the fanatic is a great planning board .. but I think it suits heavier sailors better.
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