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Hello everyone,

Remi I noticed your comment about the isonics and cambered sails. I have decided on an isonic for reasons I will explain in my next paragraph but I actually prefer no cam free race sails. I enjoy the slightly smoother response of the no cam sail. Will an isonic be okay with a no cam free race sail? if all I am going to lose is a bit of low end power and some acceleration then that's okay. I have cambered and no cam sails and I find the no cams just as good for top end speed, the main difference I find is the cambered sails are more explosive. I dont mind if it takes a little longer to reach my top speed but given that I am trading off acceleration and early planing for handling, would I achieve the same top end speed on a futura?

I have decided on an isonic over a futura due to the strap positions. I actually prefer my feet right out on the rail as far as possible. I have always found it felt more natural and powerful. Having straps that are to far in actually starts to annoy me after a while and I end up tighening the straps down until only my toes are in the straps. I also dont mind a board that takes a bit of effort to keep it on the water. a bit stiffer through the gybes also suits me fine. Apart from these characteristics, are there any other main differences between the isonic and futura in regard to handling?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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