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Hmmm, well looking for the light wind ultimate racing machine .. the IS 127 might fit the bill.
628 does the IS 127 take the 9m sail well ?
Would it plane as quick as the US .. it's wider than the RAY true but it's also an Isonic .. well riding the futura [love the board] I wonder if the IS is so much harder [ it's wider and mallet] so I guess you're really need to do some active pumping to get it going .. but in light wind conditions it's most of the times blasting as fast as possible anyway . What's your take on it and when do you start planning.
I'm a little ,I wouldn't call it afraid, that the IS 127 is a very technical board that you need to tune quite right every time to get the most of it .. I know that counts for every board but the US would be more forgiving and more relax I guess.
Wouldn't the IS 121 and the F111 overlap too much ... I'd like to hear from rdrsurf since he's almost the same weight.

Man it's though :-) anyway I still have some time [it's snowing right now here in Belgium] but I might go to the bOOt in Dusseldorf next weekend ...:-)
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