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Hallo Remi,
tested the 117 few times now (always with the same 8,6 and same carbon fin 42).
Test sessions were done in any condition the board is supposed to be performant:12-22 kts.
Having used the 117w 2012 with the same sail and a 41 (same fin brand) I can confirm that this one delivered a better feeling.So far I've never felt that kick ass that makes you step forward when a gust hits the sail.
Didn't understood if it's a fin size or bend stiffness issue but it's what I've found out.Note that planning was not a problem,even is 12 kts.I'm talking about instant accelleration.The 117 2013 (used with that fin) seems like the 127 ride.
Should get new fins later this week and will test more.

Rear Footstraps:all the way back
Front Footstraps:all the way in front (maybe need to rear them a hole)
Mast base:3cm back respect the sign
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