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I agree about the way to test.
Me and my buddy (similar weight,ability and usually same speed) tested both boards with no sail settings change.We started using our own stuff,then swapped boards (complete of fins) and then only fins.
As told you,on the 117w,the 41 S- worked quite good as well as the 42 S (same brand) almost anytime tested.And it happened using the 8,6 and 7,8.
Can't say the same with the 117 2013.What disappoint me is the fact that it didn't work even in steady wind and difficult messy chop (where that kind of foil is supposed to make a difference).
Next time I'm gonna rear the front straps setting (I've put them so far forward in order to replicate my 127 footstraps distance) and will see what's gonna happen.Do you think I should move forward the base plate? Why?
We are currently using a fin brand that is proved to be good with Starboard.
As soon as I have next test I'll be back here posting.
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