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I've been out of windsurfing for about 9 or 10 years, recently returned to the sport. The last board I purchased was a seatrend 68 about 10 years ago. I paid $2995 au for it, 10 years ago. I recently ordered an ultrasonic in wood contruction and it cost me $2895 au. So 10 years later I get a vastly superior product for $100 less. I think thats pretty good. Wages go up over time, it's inevitable. As wages rise so do materials and transportation costs as well as labour.

Sails as well seem to have stayed about the same, with some exceptions.(cough, neil pryde) Top end race sails are more costly these days but they have also never been better. the more exotic Masts and carbon booms seem to have blown out a bit but they are not essential items. %30 carbon masts will do the job just fine.

I agree that starboard boards are a bit costly and I practically had to sell one of my kidneys to get one but you are talking about the mercedes benz of windsurfing. You get what you pay for and the starboards are the best.

In my humble opinion %90 of windsurfing performance is the guy riding the board so just buy within your budget and let enthusiasm and dedication drive you to new heights of sailing.
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