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HEllo Chris,

Sorry for the late reply it has been quite hectic the last couple of days.
Thanks for the info .. the IS 127 surely looks interesting .. it's hard to believe u start planning in 9-10 knots
I'm still in between a really early planner as the US and the IS 127 ... my 7.6 Vapor next to the Maui TItan 9.0 would fit nicely on the IS as well I guess.
I do however think I'm going to have a big overlap between my Futura 111 and the IS127. The US however is particulary well suited for the light wind conditions and as soon as the wind picks up to 4 BF I'll be hopping on the futura.
But planning at 9-10 knots and I weigh 75 kg .. thanks you made the decision just harder :-)
Anyway u turn it .. bothe whether it's going to be the IS or the US they r going to plane faster than the Ray 145 [ although this one planes pretty fast as well]
Is the IS 127 hard to sail and do you really have to actively pump it to get planning ?
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