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Ian Fox
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A few key factors in discussion here, maybe all heading in the same direction by different paths..

Kode87 is a (relatively) wider front/narrower tail outline with a relatively fast rocker line
(dare I mention "efficient" in the same sentence as wave board ? but yes..)
Stepping onboard you immediately sense a narrower tail feel more than actually see it,
which tends to add a reactive feel to the board at speed, which thanks to the shape tends
to come relatively early and quite reasonable.
(Damn, there is that efficiency trend I was avoiding!)

Another critical factor in “light wind” performance will be fin choice; running default twinzer mode
will certainly give you the slidy tail tweaked aerials bonus a certain young champion is renowned for
- but ultimately won’t do wonders for light wind or marginal planning..
That’s to say you can dig even more bottom end out if you want to change out the Twins..
Plug in a decent “25cm” US box single and the efficiency (did it again) and light wind range increases.
So the rider definitely can further influence the early planning/bottom end in that regard.

Not 100% on what Bel is saying that width matters less – and in fact the comparison of say a
NuEvo and KodeWave of identical volumes gives some (limited) example of that in real terms.

Let’s exaggerate ; Think of sailing a log. And then a door. Both 87Lt.

One will be super reactive and roll in easy and tight.
One will plane up better and (once planning) carry sail loads equivalent to a higher volume board (or log..)
One ends up giving a more reactive ride, one has a wider effective wind range.

Mixing and matching the magic is really where the design/ers come in,
and in our 2013 range both the NuEvo and Kode87 both hit hi spots in their own rights..

In my (9xkg) limited time on the Kode87Wave it "feels" and “carries” very much like an 87.
That's to say, it feels noticeably bigger than Kode82 - but not mid 90'ish either.
On my ratings 5,8 - 5,0 sweetspot is definitely on the money even for large/r riders.
And yes with lighter riders extending the large sail range to 6.2 is quite real.
Is the board usable with 4.7 ? Not personally tested but certainly and realistically
based on other board testing in this model and size range, yes.

Cheers ~ Ian
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