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Default Tuttlebox nightmare

I've bought used at a cheap price a nice Starboard Formula Wood 158 from 2004 in very good conditions, very light and with only some small dings. I want to have the perfect partner fo my wonderful Serenity for light winds, right for the times that winds is slightly more. Therefore I can use also the seaweed fins bought for the Serenity.
But compared to the Serenity it has a imho strange and weird fin box. I mean I don't know why but the fin box is twice deep than necessary and than the head of my DT fins, and the inside head of the box it is really only few MILLIMETRES under the deck of the board!!!
Second thing, the hole were dramatically made wrong, I mean they ar not perpendicularly over the fin nuts but wrongly more set back toward the tail, so the head of fin bolts arrive at a about 5 degrees angle!
In this way for the first factor to find with the bolts the nuts in the fin head is really a matter of luck after a lot of attempts, so is not user friendly and hard to use for me especially in a rolling boat, because of the second, the mistake, screws when tighten horribly push only on the back side of the surface near of hole, with possible damages.
What is the reason of a so deep concave on the finbox head???
And If I fullfill with epoxy resin this useless space and make new and slightly more forward screw holes on the deck, would it be a solution or not?
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