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Default Formula 158 for first windsurf attempts (of girlfriend)

Ok solved the tuttlebox nightmare and ready to ride this marvellous F158 as soon as spring will come in Venice, Italy, now is around 0 C.
Now some things about the second minor reason of buying it. Yes ALSO as a beginner board for my girl friend and for son of my friend. Especially because is 100 cm wide and so compatible with the used IDO I've bought, and the battenless 3,5 sqm sail I have. Some quick questions.
The IDO side wings requires flat deck, Formula has a deep concave, so: pushing down and flexing the IDO metal wings (mmm bad) or using a 5 mm spacer under it with longer screws (mmmm better)?
IDO will also avoid hits on the deck from rig (goood), but F158 wood deck is not beginner-proof. For few euros I can buy a thick eva carpet (the one for gymns) to fix on the deck with the IDO itself and using the footstraps, sounds good? How to avoid it from being slippery when wet?
Formula has no centreboard, clear. Some way to make a fake-centreboard, mmm.... The two long 70 cm DT fins that I have fixed/strapped one on each side of the board? It is not an idea of mine, in this way were made the first rudders of ancient ships...
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