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Default Kode 94 Speed Conversion

I've just got into GPS speed sailing and already feel like I'm approaching my Kode94's limits (32.3kts is as far as i've been able to push it.)

I usually sail it with the drake fin that came with it and a 6.6 Gaastra Nitro5 but i'm wondering if I could squeeze a few extra knots out of the board if I put a weed fin in it.

Will this enhance the board's speed and/or will it allow me to put bigger sails on the board? (I have to be mindful when sailing with the 6.6 on the stock fin to avoid cavitation)

i am also considering buying a 122iSonic for lightwind sailing....would I be better off using this as my speed board and leaving my kode for the bump'n'jump days?

Thanks in advance,

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