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For sure they vould be better.
BUT It not so clear that they want to "taste" windsurfing, they want to try and test if they like. So my first goal was a board FOR ME to plane as early as possible, and then ALSO to make possible to try. I know that then Formula won't be the board for them, but I also have better boards for this, IN the lucky but difficult case that my girlfriend will fall in love with the quiet windsurf riding I'll be really happy to look for a easy personal wideboard for her.
Yes I know that F158 is almost a light and delicate board, and this is the reason I want to cover its deck with a thick carpet of eva and over it fix the IDO. And use only a very small sail like my 3,5 triangular battenless dacron sail over a superlight Fiberspar Breeze mast.
Or do you think that also in this careful way I can damage the F158 deck with the leverage of an IDO?
Nothing is told on IDO and Starboard website about not compatible boards, and on the IDO website is clearly written that it can be used with all kind of board. On the FAQ italian version is clearly written that he can be used f.e. on a formula board " L'iDO puņ essere utilizzato con tutte le tavole dotate di una scassa standard come quella utilizzata per tavole da slalom, wave, formula e cosi via." Curiosly in the english version the statement ends after "standard..."
About the board sailing away on the Ido booklet (or somewhere else, I don't remember) Is told to fix on one leg of the beginner a long leash to avoid it, and so I will do
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