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Ian Fox
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Hi JK,

Nice mix for big guys.. great sizing / spread with practical overlap all the way across the sail size range..

I'm a great advocate of taking advantage of the more efficent boards for bigger riders, matching a (board) ride style to the conditions/water state... running a slalom or freerace as the biggest /lightwind board even for non racers makes a load of sense, especially with modern freeride/race and slalom boards being so (relative) rideable (esp in flatter water) - plus having really wide practical range/s.

I'd have a serious look at the Carve for the 12X lt mid size /mid range; the extra "carry" of the more efficient Carve rocker will certainly help larger/heavier riders in 6-7m conditions that can get a bit marginal at times, most especially if you are more "freeride" than freemove style riding. But reality is it's really line ball between these 2 in this volume. Slightly thicker crosssection and narrower tail gives the Kode the more reactive edge - and despite the Kode rating a wider sail range, for bigger riders I wouldn't be thinking either board much above about 8m as sweetspot max. Carve ride style is a happy blend of fast line efficency but an encouraging rail to rail feel still well suited to B&J riding.. The longer waterline definitely helps plane up efficency and gives a steady (more secure) platform blasting across chop, V shape helps sit down in chop and smooth the impact at speed (might not seem a big thing but a few runs will show..)

Kode 94 (as your hi wind board) has enough volume and get go for heavier riders in more powered conditions, yet remains suitably nimble and reactive for everything but the most advanced wavesailing..
Adequately fast when litup but still well behaved to not get too ugly in the rough stuff and plenty reactive (especially with a bigger lever directing it..)
Extra efficency over a pure "wave" board in this volume/size helps bigger riders keep planing in lulls on smaller sails/gusty winds/lulls or punch out confidently thru shorebreak

Be good to experience them and confirm some first hand experience..

Cheers ~ Ian
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