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Post Futura or Carve 111 Carbon


I weigh in at 78kg, normally use sail sizes between 7,5 and 5,0 and conditions are from low to heavy chop. Wind is gusty where I live so many times I'm either under or over powered. I'm an intermediate surfer, get 85% of jibes right, always use outer position for foot straps etc. I like going fast but I'm no speed freak, all my sails are non-cambered but they are freeride types like North X-type. I'm having great difficulty choosing between the Carve 111 Carbon or the Futura 111 Carbon. In magazine tests it seems like the Carve handles chop and overpowered conditions better but the Futura offers more top end speed and earlier planing? Is the difference big between the boards? Given what I described, which one do you think is the better fit?

Many thanks
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