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I've been sailing a 2012 F111 Wood in open bay conditions for the last 18 months. I've used race/free race sail sizes 7.8, 7 and 6 and Venom fins 42 and 36. I was sailing iSonics before and the Futura was a logical choice for me as I sail for recreation and GPS when I do get to flat water. Providing that you tune your kit, the Futura handles the chop with ease, just make sure you use the correct size fin, too small and you will feel the chop more. I've just got a 38 Venom as I find the 36 just a bit too small. I've just got a F93 in Wood for the same conditions and stronger winds, and for winds above 20 - 25 knts, then I'm on my 86 Acid. I weigh around 75 kg. If I did'nt do GPS then I would change to Carve or Kode. BTW the Futura is a fantastic board for me. If you are in really choppy conditions, I would favour the wood over the carbon, I would think the carbon ride may be a little harsh.
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