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Funny, I had a few weeks ago the same conflict.
My son had already a 90L freewave board and I wanted to buy him a new 111L board as a replacement for his older 125L board. Target sails 6.4 and 7.5. I was also doubting between the Fu111 and the Carve111.
Because I found on the 2nd hand market a Fu111/Technora of 2011 in a very good state, I've bought it.
It was only used a couple of times and not that expensive.
Although I bought it for my sun, I'm also very eager to ride the Futura and compare it with my Isonics. Until now I've never been on a Futura.
At the moment we are waiting for the weather to get warmer to try the Futura.

I came to same conclusion as Farlo. If you already have a 90L freewave for sails from 4.0 - 5.5, then the Futura extends the wind range in a better way c/w the Carve.
I also reckon that the tail cutouts of the Futura will compensate for the smaller tail width of the Carve to handle the chop. The Carve will probably jibe a bit better, but that's about the only sacrifice I see.
We'll still need to verify it in practice of course. Let's hope we made the right choice.
Hope to let you know soon !

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