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Default Remi: formula-US heavy weight, lightwind, passive pumping

ciao Remi, my question for you is regarding passive pumping and ultrasonic
I very happily sail a formula 162 and futura 144 and futura 122 with race sails from 12 to 7.2m2
I have a fractured elbow (left) but I can windsurf quite as well as before trauma althought I can't progress my skills very much I think; my weight? 100 kgs :-(

I don't mind free formula sailing, indeed I enjoy it very much, in truth futura 144 range overlaps with 122 because I use them only when waterstart is possible 100% of the times and thus I can plane with whichever assuming sufficient sail and fin size

I would like to buy US 147 to substitute formula and futura 144 thus simplifying my quiver

is the ultrasonic the right board for me? will it complete with futura 122 the range from 12 to 7m2 (10-12 knots to 25-30 knots for my level)?

can you describe the ultrasonic flat and kick compared to futura144 and fomula162? (144 longer flat with tail kick, 162 shorter flat no kick?) I think I can comprehend the feeling on plane with this comparing with two boards I know well, I don't mind rails as my jibing level is piggy, I don't mind nose length and scoop because my level it is not so piggy ;-)

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