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Default Wanna hear from your experiences with the US

Originally Posted by Domingo View Post

Could someone (ideally Remi) please recommend fin sizes for a 75kg (165lb) sailor for the following sails on the ultrasonic? (7.5, 8.2, 8.6, 9.2, 10.0).

Best regards
Dear Domingo,

I weigh about the same as you and I'm contemplating to buy a 2012 US Carbon. I just want to know whether you are satisfied with the board and in what wind speeds you use it. Currently I sail a Fanatic Ray 145 LTD but I want more of a race board.
Do you find the US too big for your weight or is it easy to control?
what kind of sail size do you use ? My biggest sail is a 9.0 Titan Maui Sails the one under that is a 7.6 Gaastra Vapor.
I'm just wondering whether the US would be a big difference to the Ray ..
Do u have a wood or carbon version? .. and why

Hope to hear from you
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