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Hey, I just missed out on buying a US 2012 carbon in Holland .. he still has a wooden version for a good price .. wondering I would get that one ... I guess the .6 or something kg between the 2 versions won't make such a big difference for me as medium weight surfer.
There is another one second hand in England .. man these US boards are hard to get.
Does have anybody experience between wood and carbon?
Wood should be a smoother, stronger and impact resistant .. carbon stiffer and faster to respond. .. or is carbon really for the pro surfers. My futura 111 wood is an awesome board .. on the other hand I never surfed a starboard carbon .. but as it feels like my Ray LTD .. it's pretty stiff

I'd like to hear from you guys about this ... maybe it's worth waiting to buy an overyears board next year .. since the shape changed

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