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Question Drake Ready to Race: the ghost fin

I've been reading about the "Ready to Race" fin. Remi recommend it for the isonic board.
But where I can get some info, some details, some photos, the size available.
The difference between the Slalom DW and Slalom 8.
How slower is the Slalom 8 compared to the Slalom DW?
How more difficult is the upwind from the Slalom DW to the Slalom 8?
For overall conditions which one is better?
It's even recommended and printed on my 147 but i couldn't find a size bigger than 46 (need a 58).
If exist at this size it's a different shape or it's still Slalom DW or Slalom 8?

Some clarifications should help me and help other customers before to order it.

In my case I need:
(I'm 75kg)
1) for the 147 ultrasonic with a 9.5 sail
2) for the 110 isonic with 8.6 and 7.8 sail

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