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Default Is Starboard F-type good for me?

Hi all.

I'm a beginner after one season of renting gear at my local spot (lake, usually around 5-15 knots), mostly large boards with centerboards and ~6.5-8.0 sails (my weight: 85kg/187pound, I'm in a decent shape).
I tried F-type once last summer and it was a blast for me - even though I was on a 200 l+ centerboard thing right before this one felt very stable and it was fast!

I was offered a good deal on 148 F-type and 7.5 Gaastra Matrix (no cam) sail. (Is it a good size for starters, anyway? Can't picture myself handling a 9.0 beast at the moment, but I'm learning fast)
However, I got opinions, that on very light winds this board will be no fun (slogging <-- I read the definition, but what it really means?) and instead I should get a modern longboard (which doesn&#39;t really thrills me, but I never tried one).

I am pretty much hooked with that board (recommended by a guy from a local store over here (former FW racer and a now also a respected trainer)) but I forced myself to ask a question here before running to buy it the first day I saw it.

Also let me mention, that I&#39;m in the situation (work), when I am mostly limited to weekends, not the windy days. So I want to maximize my time on the water. Plus, I&#39;m not really into tricks and stuff, I prefer to just cruise/plane around with a decent speed, even in the light winds. And again, I was told formula-type boards may not exactly be what I want.

Please advice and thanks,

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