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Default Discovering ULTRA-light wind

Hello guys,
I'm back to windsurfing after a four-year stop. Now my time to plane around is much less than before, so I'm considering a board-sail upgrade towards light stuff.
I'm 177 x 72 kg and I still have to practice on my jibe (50%), planing and waterstarting are no problem, though.
My current gear is a 2002 Starboard Go 170, paired with a Neilpryde V6 6.0 mq (I bought it new in 1997!). I learned everything on this setup.
I mainly sail on a small inland lake in winds ranging from 8-10 knots (90% of time) to 20-30 knots (few days a year), no waves, just a small chop when the wind really blows. Usually the water is dead flat.
I really loved my Go, now I guess I'm ready for something more challenging.
Would an UltraSonic + Loft Sails Oxygen 8.5 (no cam!) work for me? Better go for something easier?
Thank you for any suggestion.
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