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Originally Posted by Remi View Post
Hi Emil

I recommend you the Slalom DW 42 for the iSonic 110 and the Race 58 for the UltraSonic to increase your performances.

Taty Frans was using the Slalom DW last year with succes and will do again this year. It really the best profil for the 110.
UltraSonic need more powerfull profil then the Race will fit it perfectly what ever size you choose.
Thanks for the answer.
Just a little more info please.

For the 110:
I'm not using the board just for downwind but for overall condition. So I wonder how difficult is to keep the board a little upwind with the Slalom DW and how easy the fin let me go back to the starting point.

For the 147:
I see 3 models: Race, R13 Race, R19 Race, which one I have to choose?

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