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It's probably my favourite board in the range!

Compared the 117 I find it's a lot more agile and direct in the gybes. By 'direct' I mean I can start a turn and then put some more weight on the legs and turn tighter whenever I want - on the 117 in windy conditions I found it was harder to do this and the board would sometimes guide YOU around the gybe, not you deciding where to go.

The 110 is also really versatile... I've run a 9.2m on it and it's a little slow to pump on the plane but once it's running it actually holds a 9.2m quite nicely....with 8.6 and 7.8 the board is FLYING!

It's a really nice combination with the 97 to cover 13 - 30 knots actually. I used to have the 117 / 107 for this but found both the 117 / 107 just that little bit harder at the extreme end of the high-wind range. The 110 and 97 you get a lot more range if you are a slightly lighter rider. I am 82kg.

I'm going to use it as the big board for the PWA this year :-)))
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