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Thanks guys.

Today tried to sail my 117 with the 9,2 to see if in 10-13 kts it's really comparable to my 127 but as forecast was for low 20 kts rigged the 8,6.Unfortunately both forecast and me have wronged,as I've rigged the 8,6 and the wind's hold around 12 kts!
Being almost alone in the water keeping planning was not a big problem but I feel this combo could give me some problem if I'd been after a rounded mark during a race.I really like how the board tracks in the straight line and how it gybes (compared to the 127) but I'm not sure I'm good enough to be performant in such light wind.
As well as I think I'd like a smaller size when wind is around 15 kts.Last seasons I used to have nice sessions 107/8,6/40 and always thought how great would have been having just little bit more board.
I've really hoped for a pimped 107 but,to be honest,when I've seen the new 110 I stayed doubtfull because its max width.
According with my friends feeds on 110 there's no doubt it's very very fast on the straight line and the flatter it is the faster it is.They warn me about gybing in rough water when 7,8 overpowered (25 kts).

So,in order to better understand if I've made an error or not by choosing the wrong board size ask you all what's the ideal wind range (at 75/80 kg) of both the 117 and 110.
The idea could be switch for the 110 holding on with the 127 for the light air but I have also the 107 that,for me,is like a Golf.Good for everything,everywhere,anytime!!
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