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Default RE: Is Starboard F-type good for me?

Hi Marek,

I absolutely agree with James. You still seem to be early in your career, and your possibilities to go when it is windy are limited.

Get something that ALWAYS allows you to have fun on the water, be it 5 knots of 20 knots.

I do think that your first pick should be the Exocet Kona. The step-tail really works. It offers you a long efficient board in sub-planning conditions and a modern short board in planning conditions. The 7.5 m2 sail also ought to be just right (but get the one-design class sail rather than the Matrix).

Starboard does not yet (?) have a step-tail design, but the Phantom ought to provide comparable suitability.

You don't have to consider a second board before you are much more experienced.

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