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My view, I have the 127/97 and 9,3/7,6/6,7 sails Im 190cm and 85kg i can go from overpowered 127+9,3 to totally powered 97+7,6 or if it drops i can put the 7.6 on the 127 and still go almost fast as friends on 107+8.0 , saying that, the 107 is probably better than 97 on 7,6

The 127 is alot stiffer to gybe, I had a exocet RS 5 115l 72cm wide that was amazing to gybe, but not as fast as the isonics. I really want to try the 110 ! i Can imagine Its faster than the 107 in lighter winds and probably really nice to gybe,
127/110/97 would be a nice combo, but maybe to much to choose from and you would probably sail the 110 the most!

The conditions you sail in are the most important, If you have many windy days with rough sea i would go 127/107/90(87) otherwise 127/110/97

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