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I'm an intermediate about 80kgs (maybe 83kgs in winter ) I have a 2011 127L and a 2010 111L which I find a great combo. The guys on new 117s are maybe a little quicker when there is enough wind but I can get out earlier on the 127L. I love being able to feel nicely powered in very light flat conditions when others are floundering! I use the 127 with the last of the Code Red 8.8s and a Reflex 7.8. Occasionally even with a 7m in mega gusty winter conditions when it goes from nothing to 20kts - just make sure the mast base is a little more forward.

The crossover to the 111 (107) is perfect, as soon as the river chop starts getting painful, I can swap down and the middle board has huge range.

I'm looking at NWF's quiver and reckon he's totally on the money. I hardly ever get to sail my smaller slalom gear comfortably but love the bigger stuff. Nice balance you've got going NWF, something for any occasion.
Cheers, Patrick

iS 94, iS111, iS127, F161, Mistral Equipe
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