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Default RE: Is Starboard F-type good for me?

I have a good deal of experience with longboards and i can tell you that in light iwnds, with a 7.5 m?? sail these kick the living *** out of racing boards. We own and older Fanatic 340 (3.4 meters long, 70 wide) with which, if i use my 7.6 arrow sail Craze on, even in lightwind,i can easily start working with footstraps and with my harnass. So for you that seems ideal considering you are a beginner.
Further more longboards offer you a bigger sailrange then formula boards. I also recommend the exocet Kona, the Phantom is to clumsy and would not really give you that speed edge you want. You can check out the exocet website, there is a link dedicated to the Kona range.
My personal favorite is the kona surf because it has more planning potential but as it has 180 liters you can still use it in lightwind conditions with a large sail.

If you want to buy second hand stuff, then watch out you don't buy stuff thats too old. I have an old longboard but i needed to make a few adjustments to the mastfoot before i could use my modern sails on it. Now i'm cruzin on a board thats older than myself with sails that have just come out of the shop :d

have a blast muchacho

Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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