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Default RE: Is Starboard F-type good for me?

Thank you for your input, everybody.

Unfortunately, Exocet Kona is not available for me over here (neither new or used). Any other recommendations? (I want a modern board, though)
The other board I had in mind was Bic Techno2 (also 148), but I haven't mentioned it as I though this was SB only forum ;-).

Tough choice - I'm hearing many people say F-type is a great board (hey, somebody here please tell me this is a great board ;-)) and I'll have fun with it as long as there is enough wind for planing (they say otherwise windsurfing doesn't make sense anyway), and it means quite often for this board as far as I read the specs.
On the other hand some folks (including you) say I should get a longboard or regular freeride...

BTW: F-type 148 has sail range 5.5-10.5 - is 7.5 a good choice for the first sail? What wind would I need to get planning on this board at my weight (187lbs/85kg)?

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