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Default RE: Is Starboard F-type good for me?

7.5 is a good sail, i use my 7.6 more then any other. Windrange is between 4 and 5 BFT, so between 11 and 20 Knt. I weigh almost 90 and use a starboard GO139 with it which works great even if there is little wind thoguh i still can't match up to the fabulous speeds i get with a longboard in real lightwind. If i use my 7.6 in less then 10 knts i can still get into the footstraps etc...
Matthew is right saying u can easily get a cheap old longboard but the only thing u need to know before you do is how a modern mastfoot works and how the old systems works. I have a lot of experience with it if you ever need any help. A small side hobby of me and my dad is vintage surfing where we adjust the old systems to the modern click-system and go surfing with new sails on old boards. :d old man, old board, young bloke, new sail
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