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Default Ever wondered if you'd like an Ultrasonic?

Well so did i, i read starboards bumf, opinions on forums and stuff. I own a futura 135 and aN isonic 135, love the i sonic. Managed to buy an ex demo Ultrasonic which lived in my house all winter unused as the lake has been covered in ice or just cold as ice all winter.
Today i finally got to sail it. Brill! it just slips onto the plane in anything more than a fart and stays there. I used my Point 7 ac1, 9.6 and tushingham lightening 8.5. I was concerned about how it would gybe but its easier than my isonic.
All i want to say is if your tempted to get one you've gotta get one its brill.. When i was thinking of buying one i would of liked a post similare to this hope it helps..
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