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Don't make it shorter, that will not improve it. Making it inflatable would make the transportation easy but it will never be as stiff or glide as well as a epoxy/wood model. I've experienced a similar situation with my collapsible and plastic 17 foot kayaks.

Make the Serenity lighter/longer/stiffer/sleeker and faster while keeping the price point down. I know that's the hardest one because it would require lots of carbon to do the previous.

I hope someone high up at Starboard still cares about super light wind days. I have a feeling the guys that sail and design the boards for Starboard live in a very windy place where the Serenity would never get used. I think they don't understand what its like to have an office job and have no wind for over a month now. To have to wait for the occasional front to come through. Getting the last five sessions on the Serenity when it's cranking at 10mph is a total bliss for the mind.
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