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Originally Posted by Jean-Marc View Post
I'm quite a bit puzzled that the windsurfing market does not seem to accept a 15 footer Serenity but its no problem for the SUP market to get on with a 14, 15 or even 16 footer long board.

Why making a shorter Serenity ? Something like that : ? Does 30 cm makes a huge difference to you for say a shorter Serenity mk III ? Please explain...
Well, I don't know about the market but when I looked for a Wind-SUP my size limit was 10'6" to 11'6" for rather obvious transportation issues. I finally got an 11" that I am very happy with. I would never consider a 14-15-16' SUP, not even a 12'.

I am sure my 11" Wind-SUP I way less efficient than a Serenity but it works fine: it takes me around in almost zero wind doing fun displacement sailing and some freestyle. It completely solved my winter and light air needs: 0 to 4 knots SUP, 3-10 Wind-SUP.

Would I get a Serenity-like board if it was, say, 11' long x 31" wide? Yes, especially if it was better upwind, but only if I could SUP it. Something similar but more agile than a K-15, no cockpit, light construction. I am sure it can be done ...

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