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Interesting discussion is going on here !

Ok, let's play the devil's advocate and ask a very simple question :
who needs a Serenity given the plethora of WindSUP models on the market ?

Or put another way : who needs an ultra-efficient gliding machine ? What's the market share for that segment within the light wind WindSUP practice ?

First, let us not forget why is the Serenity so long ? Simple : to minimize drag. Drag is inversely proportional to the hull's lenght cubed.

Suppose a 368 cm-long Serenity A. Drag would be 1/(3.68)^3 = 1/50

Suppose a 464 cm-long Serenity B. Drag would be 1/(4.64)^3 = 1/100

Lenghtening a Serenity by 21% would reduce her drag by half, which is by itself an enormous gain.

That simple example (together with her narrowness, overall drop shape outline and pointy bow and stern) explains why the Serenity is so much efficient at gliding in ultra light wind as compared to a shorter WindSUP...

So, the basic question still remains : who needs a Serenity among the light windsurfer and longboarder community ?

Suppose you come to a windsurfing school or club where a 12'6" WindSUP, a 10'0" WindSUP and a Serenity are lying side by side and ready-to-go on the beach with a camless 5.5 m2 simple sail. Guess what happens ?

Reality at my home lake has shown me that 95% of average windsurfer tend to choose a WindSUP and only 5% the Serenity, not because of lenght, but because of width and flat-bottomed hull shape. A wide and flat board is much more stable for a newbie or average Joe/Jane than the racing-looking longer and narrower round-bottomed hull Serenity. The Serenity is even lighter to carry up and down the beach than any WindSUP.

Choice has nothing to do with lenght or weight, but rather with stability and immediate plug & play safe feeling.

So, what's your thoughts about that ?

Is an exclusive built-to-order system sustainable and profitable enough for Starboard to fulfill the unmet needs of the 5% potential Serenity lovers in the segment of light wind and longboard windsurf market ? I dunno...

Cheers !

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