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Hi JM,

I follow what you say, but don't underestimate the transport issues and they do have to do with the length of the equipment.

I mean, if I would have to transport a more than 4m long board, no matter how light or narrow, it would be really a pain. I live +/- 100km of my windsurfspots. Some are a bit closer, some are a bit further.
Luckily I have a trailer that can contain quite a lot of boards, but no longer than 3m.
The ride to the beach takes me 1hour. The ride back home again 1 hour. Yes, windsurfing is time consuming for me.

It's different for people who live very closeby their windsurfspots, but how many of us have this privilege ?
5% ?

These matters have already often been discussed on the forum.
I'm convinced that transport issues are the only obstacle that prevents our dear beloved sport from further growing massively. It certainly obstructs our youngsters who depend completely on the adults to get the equipment (and themselves) transported to the windsurf spots. For the same reason, kite surfing became so popular. They have less transport issues.

Transport capabilities will always remain a very important marketing aspect in the windsurfing branch.

Hallowed be those who live near by the beach !
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