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Jean-Luc I think there are at least three things to consider:

Ease of use: I have a crossover 11' SUP and tried a race 12'5" SUP. I did not like it. Yes I was going faster but I had to pay much more attention to what I was doing, so forget it. I SUP to relax. Same, as you point out, for a beginner wind-sup: they really want something nice and stable and easy.

Diminishing gains: yes a long serenity shaped board will be more efficient and faster in displacement, but do we care? It is displacement sailing, and it is fun and playful, but what if I go 2 knots slower than another displacement board? Is that important?

Length: I don't think one can underrate it. I can put my 11' in my van, I will not buy anything longer. And carrying a 10-11' board on top of a car is quite different than carrying a 12-13' (14-15' yikes!). I am with BelSkorpio here, one of the main reason for the popularity of kiting is the fact that you can carry it in a bag.

So ... it would be great if starboard offered a serenity "on order" but it is probably a niche product. Probably making it shorter would not change the equation much since the few people that would buy it are in for the efficiency and don't care about length.

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