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Davide, have you ever tried a Serenity?
Emotional. This is the difference. As far as I can see Serenity is the only Board that gives emotional ride under 6-8 knots of wind. I've ridden in the same wind my Mistral Ventura 2009, 343-240lt and there is no comparison, really. Ventura is a good glider, for the flat hull and stability I think somehow similar to a sup, but man, the riding is stable and relaxing. But the emotions... Ventura start giving its best when pushing on its rails with some more wind, more physical.
So you need a relaxing and good gliding board, easy to stand upon it, no question, go for a sup. But if you look in light wind for some of the emotions who make many rider to buy small wave board, even if difficult to ride, then my baby I think is the only answer.
About carrying difficulties I'm surprised that many Americans feel this like a problem, when is well known that you are way more lucky about spaces than us European, I mean for streets, cars, houses and then garages, and finally for rules and laws about carrying long over the car roof. But someone forget how easily the kayakers carry their even longer and heavier boats over car roof
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