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nakaniko has it right!
I sailed the Mk 1 Serenity all conditions from pure glass < 5 knots of wind to 20+ knots of wind.
I've sailed a few SUPs (I do not like paddling.....sailing is far more efficient...even in very light winds). and while they do indeed give more stability, they sail nothing like the Serenity.
I've sailed it with a 4.2 m2 rig in way over 20 knots, and when you get the Serenity planning with the nose out of the water until the bow wave exits under the mast foot, it simply flies.....until.... the tail goes under....then it gets real interesting as the stability goes away completely. You have to slow down until the tail no longer submerges,
and that's as fast as it will go.
I've sailed it with smaller sails and small weed fins in very shallow water off the Florida coast, and the ability to
simply glide along checking out the marine life in total tranquility is awesome.
The ability to rail the Serenity and go upwind on the fin is really amazing.
In mid range winds (10-18 knots) with larger sails (6.5-8.5 m2) the Serenity really tests your techniques.
Very challenging to get the most out of the board. At times it seems to have a mind of it's own,, but you try slightly
different techniques and learn to "tame the beast".
Yes, the Serenity was designed by the late Jim Drake. This board took an extensive amount of his time to get it all
designed and tested.
I spent many hours discussing with Jim what his concepts were, and how they were integrated into the Serenity.
All of his suggestions seemed to work with the Serenity design and if you followed his suggestions, you could
fairly easily get the most from the Serenity as his suggestions were based on getting particular aspects of the
Serenity design to work for you.

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