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Roger, Nakaniko, I am sure the Serenity is a great board but I think you might be missing the point. Of course the Serenity would work better than an 11' flat bottom WindSUP, but a lot of people do not care about light wind performance or a board that is "Very challenging ... At times it seems to have a mind of it's own ... " and requires a different technique to "tame the beast".

I am an "expert" windsurfer and as such I could be interested in a board like that. However I have plenty sailing challenging where I live, in San Francisco, and when I go out in light wind I am happy to just cruise around.

Maybe marketing-wise the serenity could come back as a "hook" for people who live in windless areas to "progress" from Win-SUP. But I think that what the sport needs first is simplicity, and even easier boards and rigs for beginners than there are now.

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