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Default RE: Is Starboard F-type good for me?

Tough choice - I'm hearing many people say F-type is a great board (hey, somebody here please tell me this is a great board ;-)) and I'll have fun with it as long as there is enough wind for planing (they say otherwise windsurfing doesn't make sense anyway), and it means quite often for this board as far as I read the specs.
On the other hand some folks (including you) say I should get a longboard or regular freeride...
I'll say it... The F-Type really rocks!

But don't limit yourself to planing conditions. That is one reason windsurfing, as a sport, slowed its growth and started declining. Non-planing conditions, with the right equipment can be a blast. I take my Windsurfer Classic out with my 8.0 Retro and putz around. It is tons of fun. I can still do some of the basic tricks I used to do when that was the only board I had. I'm still trying to get the rail ride back in my portfolio. ;-)

For me, Windsurfing isn't exciting until you get planing, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun. I have a lot of fun windsurfing in non-planing conditions. I take one of my yellow labs for a sail around the lake on my Windsurfer Classic or on my wife's Starboard Start L. I've taken two nephews out on the Start for a nice long sail. They had a blast.
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