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Faster 1,

I'm same weight as you. Mark is spot on : forget the iSonic 127 for your weight, it's way too big and brings nothing more than the 2012 iSonic 117 Wide (sorry, didn't test the 2013 iSonics 117 nor 110 yet). The iSonic 127 board does feel 1 size bigger underfoot than the 117 wide board.

I'm also sailing on a fresh water lake most of the time. Here is my range with a 2012 iSonic 117 wide carbon :

a) 12-18 knots wind with Code Red 7.7 m2 sail + 40/44 cm fin
b) 10-15 knots wind with Reflex III 8.6 m2 sail + 44/48 cm fin
c) 7-12 knots of wind with Reflex II 11 m2 sail + 52/54/55 cm fin

Over a 1 year usage, I rode combo (a) only 3x because 18 knots of wind and its associated chop are the upper limit that I can handle with such a wide board for my light weight. Chop is becoming the limiting factor when going fast (29+ kts Vmax) on such a wide board for my 65 kg (no problem at all on a much narrower iSonic 53 speed in same condition). I'm simply too light to keep the nose down and not flying up in the air after the 4th or 5th chop hop. I simply cannot imagine myself riding that wide beast in 20+ knots of wind with a 7.2 sail...

Last year, the combo (b) has been riden one third of total TOW while combo (c) has been riden 2 third of total TOW. This is the perfect light wind (7-15 knots) combo for me with 2 sails and 4 fins.

So, if the wind in your area blows most of the time around 10 knots, better take an iSonic 117 + 8.6 sail. If it blows most of the time 14 4 knots, I guess an iSonic 110 + 7.8 sail combo should be plenty large enough.

Cheers !


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