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Jean-Marc, I'm very surprised you found that thread/forum/video. I guess the Serenity world is a smaller than I thought.

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try keeping the front foot behind the mast. I've been getting much better at sailing the Serenity and actually now gybe it more than trying to tack. Sometimes it stalls out when I try to tack it and the board wants to slide sideways. At that point it gets very hard to point it in any direction. Any thoughts on how to get out of the stall?

As far as the WindSUP vs Serenity, I think that's comparing apples and oranges. I have two SUP's, a Naish Glide 12' (no mast option) and a Bic Jungle Wind 10'10" (my first windsurf board/SUP). If you have a school or just a beginner with a Serenity, that board should be nowhere near them. It will only frustrate and probably dissuade them from continuing with the sport.

I've used the Serenity as a SUP with the 40cm and 70cm fins in 0mph winds; I'm talking dead calm and it's not designed for it. Does it work as a SUP, barely. Would I take it on a 10 mile paddle session? NO WAY. It's not a kayak, it's not a SUP and it's not a wave board. It's a perfection of engineering designed to do what other boards can't in super light wind. I have a Kona One a Mistral Superlight II, F2 Lightning Race a bunch of short boards and the Bic wind/SUP, in light wind they're nowhere near the feel of the Serenity. And yes, I've schlogged on these boards as I'm fairly new to windsurfing (about 2 years). I loved schlogging and just wanted to sail anything; until I got the Serenity. It doesn't schlog!

I love the idea of an inflatable SUP/windsurfer Starboard recently released and I'd love to try it, I don't think I'll ever buy one. I have a collapsible kayak and it's nowhere near as fast as my rotomolded one. They're great for storage but you compromise in the ride quality. I'll take ride quality over storage issues whenever possible.

I'm waiting for the weekend and there's a regatta coming up. The wind forcast is 9mph gusting to 12; guess which board I'm taking? I have a huge smile on my face just thinking about it!
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