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Yep, fans of Serenity are easy to spot on, especially when pics or a video is available...

As for tacking the Serenity, bank the board with the windward rail up and tilt the rig on the back towards the tail to head up dead upwind. Then, it's way easier to keep your balance when you simply oversheet the sail when you're dead upwind, with your front foot just in front of the mast base. Check out the following video at time 2:05 and 3:28 to see what I mean by sail oversheeting : .

When passing dead upwind and especially if your stalls without any momentum anymore, tack the sail and frankly tilt the sail toward the nose of the board and pushing the nose sideways with your front foot placed inbetween the mast track and the tiki printed on the deck (back foot just behind the mast foot). Keep the sail sheeted out; if you keep the sail sheeted in, the nose of the board will not turn under your front foot but it will drift sideways with no motion forward and you'll stall. It's the same when you try to point too much upwind: the board stalls and starts to drift sideways. Tilt the sail forward and sheet out a bit to bear away a bit and gain speed again. This is why the Serenity has no footstraps because your feets are always dancing a bit along the median line of the deck to correct for sail trim and board pitch.

Cheers !

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