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If you can read french, please check out all of my first 14 sessions reported in details here :

Seeing is believing, right ? Check these pics out:

Performance analysis: ... 3372_n.jpg
This is a typical GPS trace that I've recorded while riding iSonic 117 Wide + Reflex II 11 m2 in NNE 6-11 knots wind. Yellow digits stand for upwind legs whereas red digits stand for deep reaching/downwind legs. Lake is about 4 km wide x 5 km long on this image.

Start planing as of 7 knots of wind with an 11 m2 sail + 55 cm fin combo: some pix :
1) front foot in front of front footstrap, back foot in front of back footstrap, sail pumping : ... 4388_n.jpg
2) front foot into front footstrap, back foot still in front of back footstrap, sail pumping : ... 6019_n.jpg
3) ditto : ... 2320_n.jpg
4) both feet footstrapped, planing : ... 3515_n.jpg
5) pointing hard upwind, foiled hull : ... 8540_n.jpg
6) ditto : ... 7427_n.jpg

More pix shot with 11 m2 and smaller sails (8.6 & 7.7 m2) can be viewed in that album : ... 803&type=3

A Formula, UltraSonic or even an iSonic 127 are useless for me with my 3 sails because all of these boards are too wide and too large to handle in stronger wind and chop with a sail smaller than 11 m2.

Remember, I'm very light at 65 kg, so it does work very nicely for me. RWW weights 63 kg as well, so this is why I'm suggesting to give it a second thought. For a heavier rider, it's a different story as it may not work as nicely as for a light weight.

BTW, how heavy are you Marko and what fin are you using with your 9.5 m2 sail ?

Cheers !


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